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WTF? A Best Seller

10 August 2012

This book is really a best seller. Easy to understand and digest.

If you are a property investor or planning to be one, it is advisable to read this book before you venture in this exciting journey. Faizul Ridzuan really captivates me by his easy methods on how to make 1000% returns on capital in less than three years.

Now, after reading the book, one must apply it to ensure the knowledge does not go to waste. Hopefully manage to buy my third property before year end.

Until then, adios 🙂


My Big Day

9 August 2012

My big day is just around the corner. But am I feeling tense or pressure. Tak kot…hehehe.

But I am praying that all things goes as planned. Yelah, benda sekali seumur hidup. Mestilah kita nak yang terbaik kan.

Sori takde pictures yang boleh attach kat sini. Nanti bila ada yang sesuai I’ll post it later.

Until then, have a nice day 🙂